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President's Message

Having been involved at Vive La Casa and having been a part of Peace House, it's only natural that I would respond to an invitation to help initiate a new program to help asylum seekers. I was especially intrigued by the opportunity to have this new adventure also include refugees and immigrants. So, needless to say I'm very excited to help Fr. Ross and the parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi to once again establish a safe home for those who have suffered so much since they left their homes.


In light of the current problems around our country and especially in New York City, it will be a true blessing for us to be able to provide a small but important solution to the problem of establishing a house of love, peace and comfort for our brothers and sisters who are "caught in the middle" of this humanitarian and political crisis. And now, with the help of so many dedicated volunteers and donors, we can finally open our hearts and Buffalo House of Hope to ensure a place that will restore hope and life to our guests.

One of our goals is to follow our residents for one year after they leave the Buffalo House of Hope. Therefore, we can help them continue their journey of hope and freedom if they have needs for furniture, clothing, food etc.


We who are so blessed in our own lives can now use this opportunity to share those blessings with others who are living lives of desperation, pain and helplessness. In turn, they will, in the end, actually end up being a blessing for us.

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If you have any questions or have something to volunteer, please reach out.

(716) 380-3073

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